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After the ten thousand years of darkness, when the cities of the False King had fallen, only the Last King remained in his crubmling castle, First Mother sought out the Weaver.

The time fo darkness was ending, but First Mother was an uncommonly wise person in the time of Ignorance following the ten thousand years of darkness, and First Mother had seen that without the False King to command them or the Laws of Life to sustain them, people became Wendigo: cannibal spirits and devoured each other and the world more savagely and almost more pathetically than the False King. First Mother knew that she would be mother to a people, but she wished for her people to be neither dreamers of the False King's dream, nor Wendigo monsters.

First Mother did not know the Laws of Life, although she had heard of them; but she knew that the Weaver still kept the knowledge of the Laws of Life for- it was said- one who would carry them with honor.

First MotherEdit

First Mother and the WeaverEdit

And so First Mother sought out the Weaver in it's lair. First Mother braved the labyrinth that the Weaver used to keep out the unwary and the unaware.

The first third of the maze was filled with Wendigo who had made their home there, probably because it suited the Weaver's plans. And so First Mother fought and stalked her way through the maze, avoiding those battles she could and fighting those battles she could not avoid. More than once she plunged her spear into the spine of a Wendigo whose back was turned, rather than be forced to fight it should it turn and see her. First Mother felt saddened when she did this, but never hesitated.

The second third of the maze was ever changing like the days and seasons, from the dry heat of summer to the freezing cold of winter, First Mother was confronted by the extremes of all seasons. She built shelters with debris to keep warm when the temperature dropped and sought shade and water and waited out the worst of the heat. She progressed slowly through this portion of the maze, but First Mother knew that survival was not something to be rushed.

The last third of the maze was filled with fiendish and ingenious traps that would mean instant death for the slow of mind and the careless. First Mother progressed even slower in body now, but her mind was flying like a falcon as she inched through the last part of the maze. Carefully disssecting the intent of the builder of the traps and watching for things out of place and tracking them back to their source.

Finally First Mother reached the center of the maze, and their she found the Weaver in her great web of passages and tunnels. And Weaver spoke to First Mother:

I have not spoken to anyone since the Five Heroes visited me so long ago following the fall of their brother. In the time since then I have been imprisoned by their brother, calling himself the Great King. Since his fall I have returned to my home, but you are the first to seek me out. I hope you do so for the right purpose or else I shall devour you and wait for one who proves worthy.

And First Mother answered:

Your jailor is destroyed, but those who lived in his lands now either devour themselves as Wendigo or seek to recreate the False King's empire. To prevent these things from being the future of the land, a people must be born who follow the Laws of Life. But no people alive today know the Laws of Life in full. Only you know these laws. I am First Mother, and I will be mother to a people. I do not wish my people to be Wendigo. I do not wish my people to be dreamers. What must I do to earn the right to learn the Laws of Life from you.

And the Weaver said:

You have shown that you understand the three skills which form one of the Laws of Life. You have shown and understanding of the Four Great Laws in the way that you ask me and the reasons that you cite to me. I find great merit in this, but I will not entrust the Laws of Life anyone without also entrusting them with the stories that give shape and form to the laws. You must take the stories into yourself and make yourself and your people a part of the stories. You cannot follow the Laws of Life thinking you are separate from the stories of the world or above the other stories being told. You are earth and nothing more. Your story is the story of earth.

Can you manage this truth that you are no more and no less than the ground beneath you?

And First Mother Answered:

This is how I think of the myself and the world already.

And the Weaver said:

Then swallow me and carry my stories within you, but know that if you or your children try to make yourselves separate from the story of the world, from the stories of the earth, that I shall poison you and all your children as I leave you and you shall cease to be a living people.

And First Mother said:

If this is the price that must be paid, so be it.

And so the Weaver leapt into First Mother's mouth, and the children of First Mother bear the offspring of the Weaver within them to this day, and should a free people try to follow the path of the False King, they become deeply sick and do not understand what is wrong- and they do not heal unless they return to the freepath and resume following the Laws of Life

First Mother and First Hero

Coming Soon!

The story of First Mother and First Hero and the founding of the Freepath.

First Mother and the Wendigo

Coming Soon!

The story of First Mother and the orphans of the Last King.

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