Referred to alternately as The Life Promise, the Great Four Laws, and the Four Pillars- these laws are the central figure of the Freepath philosophy. One who does not follow these cannot call themselves Freepath.

The Life PromiseEdit

By Word, By Blood, By Tribe, I promise to faithfully uphold this values and admit that I am no longer free should I fail to uphold this vows to the best of my ability and my dying breath.

The Promise Against WorshipEdit

I promise to worship no king or god, spouse or parent, man or beast or anything of which I may conceive.

All gods are damned. I will not elevate another above myself or myself above another. The first king was a leader who thought that the ability to coordinate a group gave him the right to own that group. The empire was merely the first group of thugs who realized that if you hold food hostage and others to farm for you, then you can have more for less labor.

The Promise of the Seven GenerationsEdit

I promise to honor and defend the Seven Generation Law.

There is no such thing as sustainable growth upon a finite world. I must live with the future in mind, and seek to act so gently and walk so softly that even if I were to walk for one hundred years I would not where down the earth. I must put back what I take and seek to make it more alive than before I had arrived. I must make an offering to the other life with which I share this place I will look up one day and discover that I have not paid attention and have stripped away an essential species.
If I wish to leave a place for my grandchildren I must leave a place for the grasshopper and the goose, the fox and the ferret, the lobster and the larch tree.

The Promise Against War Edit

I promise never to wage war as the Dreamers wage war, and to oppose such wars when and where I find them.

The Dreamers will never stop waging war upon all life, including themselves. I need not fight them with sword or fist, but I must oppose them if I respect life and the earth that will support my grandchildren. Whether I fight with words, or with spears, by teaching or by negotiation, I must fight or I will be complicit as the Dreamers swarm across the earth and devour it and every living thing in their way.

The Promise of No One Right WayEdit

I promise not to impose my preferences regarding how to live on others, respecting the idea that there is no single right way to live.

Although there are many wrong ways to live. There is no single right way to live. I will not even seek to impose my way of life upon the Dreamers. I will oppose the actions of the Dreamers, but I am not their god and I am not their king and I will not become what I hate by seeking to force another to think as I do. I may explain and I may answer questions, but I will not impose my beliefs upon others.

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