First Mother took in many orphans from amongst the Wendigo and taught them the Laws of Life and made them into Free Peoples, but she also bore children of her own with her husband First Hero. First Mother's children were known first by the names: Pan, Ren, Cin, Von, Mun, Xan, and Zen. And later they were known by their warrior names: Munin, Jatar, Sargas, Martagas, Gaigys, Rusinas, and Kurnos. And together they were known as the Seven Siblings. These were the leaders of Free Peoples in the early days.

The Seven SiblingsEdit

Pan and the RavenEdit

Pan was the eldest of First Mother's children and the most precocious. She always asked why and never trusted adults who knew better. First Mother had taught many people who were Wendigos how to be free people by the time Pan was born and these new adults felt that a young child should respect their age and experience. Pan didn't think so, no matter how many time she was scolded or punished, and as she grew older she hungered for a way to explain her feelings. She played tricks on people who annoyed her, and embarrassed people who bored her, and frustrated people who lectured her.

After she had been to bleed in the manner of a woman, Pan decided that she needed a real answer to why she felt this way if she was to be part of mother's tribe. Everyone else contributed, but Pan felt out of place- and despite her tricks and disdain- pan wished to contribute too. But Pan did not know what to contribute.

And so Pan went out on a quest to understand herself and discover what she could add to help the tribe. Late in the evening she stopped to contemplate the skeleton of a raven she found beneath a berry bush. As she contemplated, a Raven Spirit approached her and introduced itself:

I am Munin. And I see that you and I share the same soul. My body is no more, but I desire to continue my work. May I join with you and work through you my duties to the Laws of Life?

And Pan asked:

What are your duties? If they are truly a match to mine I might consent.

Munin answered:

It is my task to prevent the return of the False King by exposing those who think that they are better than others, and those who think they deserve more than others, and those who think they are separate from the earth. It is my task to humble to arrogant and draw into the light the tricks and plans of would be kings.

And Pan said:

This is what I do already! But I could never expalin it like that. Is this truly a duty to the Laws of Life?

And Munin said:

This is the first duty, for if such things are left untouched, they will grow until one day the False King will step from the shadows fully formed and more than a match for any one tribe. But be warned, you will not be well liked, and you will not be welcomed wherever you go if you do my duty with me. People rarely think that they need your humbling or deserve your tricks. Does this bother you?

Pan answered:

They are like that already, we are joined in every way but name even now. Join with me and I will take you name and you make you task my own, and together we will guard against the growth of the False King within the minds of our tribe mates.

And so Pan never returned to the tribe, but Munin did. Where only one had left, a being of two returned. And although Munin was difficult, her insight was strong and her defense of the tribe from itself was widely appreciated- as long as her gaze pointed at somebody else.

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The Exile of the Five Siblings and the New Tribe

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